Welcome to my world!

I'm Roxie, a loveable Jack Russell Ranch Hand. I LOVE to help on the ranch. I'm often wishing that I could herd the horses more, because for some reason my master calls me away when I think I'm doing such a great job. I just don't understand, but hey I get a cookie sometimes when called away.

Do you want to learn how I came to the Cariboo read the "History" link.

In case you didn't know adventure is the name of the game for JR's. My most exciting day EVER was when I killed my first ground squirrel! I was only a year old and couldn't figure out why the little critter stopped moving.

two_dogsBack in January 2009 I arrived at Salishan JR Terriers farm. This is a fun looking place I thought, then in walked Marvel. Now he was a fun looking wire hair Jack Russell with some jazzy character. He was such a friendly guy, THEN I clued in...I'm living here for the week and spending "time" with Marvel. Well that brings me to the expecting date of March 17, 2009. Take a look at the cute pups I had on that day.

Pups! Pups! Pups! I kept hearing my masters say this word for the past two years. Am I ever glad that's in the past. You see I had a difficult delivery with my last litter so now I just get to play and hang with one of my kids. Yup my masters got suckered into keeping another one of us great JR's.

Oh by the way, I am not your stereotype hyper Jack Russell. I enjoy lazing around, snuggling with my masters and yes getting excited as well. In the future we have plans to update this site, stay tuned.