Adventures of a Jack Russell

Us JR's are famous for creating all sorts of adventures. Like my first Cariboo spring, picture this:

I'm outside in the morning with my master before she has to go to work, she's in a skirt and dress boots, putting some eye cream on a horse. The snow had recently left the ground, and I could see forever. I spot a car about half a mile away, bark, bark, bark, and run after it through the field. Here's my master running through the wet field screaming at me trying to get my attention. Well she did when she threw the bucket at me, the noise of it landing made me stop and look, then I just gave this cute little wiggly fun look and said, Oh Hi. Hmmm wonder why my master wasn't too chipper.jr boogie boarding

It's been grand to spend time away from the ranch where I've learned to enjoy the sun and surf. Don't care much for the wet and cold part but it sure is fun to be out on the water in the warm sun.

Here's a shot of me with my first big kill, I was just a year old. I saw this critter in the alley way of the shop when some uncontrollable urge came over me, I just couldn't stop myself. dog_groundsquirrel