twodogsSo in January 2009 I get to go on a road trip with my masters, it was a lot of fun. We got to this farm and it had a lot of neat things to check out. They took me to the barn where there were two pups in a crate, I thought OH OH who are you, sniffed them and then growled at them. Then suddenly in walks Mr Marvelous. He was a sharp handsome JR that happily greeted me. Ohhhhhhh I know why you're so happy to see me, Ahhh... someone get me out of here I thought. I soon warmed up to Marvelous and guess what, I'm expecting my second litter on March 17, 2008.

Seems like an easy time this go around, I guess I have a hunch of what's coming.

I've spent most of the pregnancy napping, napping and napping. I get a bit more spoiled with yummy food treats like eggs and salmon to help feed my puppies, so I guess this being pregnant thing isn't so bad.

Grumpy? Who said I was grumpy? I'm just kept the Border Collie, and cat in check. I can still really move if I have to keep them in line.

I've had a harder time jumping up on things but I am still enjoying my walks outside in the snow. That is, once I was coaxed outside. I must say I do enjoy being lazy and warm.roxie prego

Today is March 14th, the date I had pups in 2008 and I am SO fat. This isn't too much fun anymore. I can't sleep that well and these kids inside keep expanding my belly. Stay tuned for cute puppy pics, Roxie

The very next day I gave birth to two healthy pups and I actually had a hard time with this whelping. Turns out that this was my last litter, and OH so fun it was.


Pup Photos updated APRIL 6, 2009

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