So just how did it come to be that I'd wind up living in the South Cariboo as Queen of the Ranch.

My master has wanted a Jack Russell for several years. She did some homework on just what kind of little smart dog she'd have if she owned one. After reading some stories she was sold on JR's.

Her first collection of JR's was a basket of stuffies from the Bay. Yup 10 cuddly little fake JR's - all so well behaved. Her 'ole dog Rocky was getting on in age, a faithful big 'ole dog who would have loved my cuteness! So she started to keep an eye out for that perfect Russell.

One day while looking on a familiar web site, Salishan.com, she saw my photo and asked many questions. Multiple emails later a deal was made and I was to be flown from Comox, BC to Williams Lake, BC. A transfer flight in Victoria proved to be a success for the start of my new life in the Cariboo.jet

The BIG day had arrived in October 2005 and three humans came to greet me at the Williams Lake Airport. They were so silly. I was so tiny and so sleepy that I was carried most of the day. A glittery pink collar and matching leash was bought for me thanks to Auntie Tas. Then we headed to my new home in Bridge Lake, BC.rox_crate